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About Us

Susan Stanleys is headed by founding members with a strong management team commanding extensive FMCG experience. Our core team comprises of dynamic individuals with passion and dedication to the beverage industry, supporting local artisanal entrepreneurs.
Our continued success depends on every employee, from back-end to the front office and our suppliers. We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence and commitment to high standards, and rely on our team to help translate our Company's goals. Every member and supplier of Susan Stanleys believes in the vision and core values of our company. 
Our people are the sole reason our customers recommend Susan Stanleys.

David Mfeka and Suzanne Caviggia-Claassens

Our team include:

Suzanne Caviggia-Claassens, David Mfeka, Jarred Vosges, Roberto Vermeulen, Nadia Degenaar & Guy McDonald. Find out more about them below:

Suzanne Caviggia-Claassens- Director

As a Director and Founding Member of Susan Stanleys, Suzanne leads a team of Brand Ambassadors responsible for representing producers of distinguished wine farms throughout the Western Cape. Suzanne successfully completed her WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) Level 3 with Merit and has been in the FMCG industry specialising in wine for over 14 years. Born and raised in Cape Town, Western Cape, Suzanne immigrated to England and completed her A Levels and Advanced Certificate in Mortgage Advise and Practice and began her career in Finance working for notable world Financial Institutions before she ultimately made the permanent move back to her home town, Cape Town.

A passion and love of wine led her to the Winelands where she began a career in the Wine Industry. Hard work, commitment, drive, dedication and sacrifice are the innate characteristics which led to her early professional success and lay the foundation for her unique talent as a manager and buyer.

David Mfeka - Director

As a Director and Founding Member of Susan Stanleys, David heads the team of Brand Ambassadors responsible for representing producers of distinguished wine farms throughout the Western Cape. Specialising in the sale of premium and ultra-premium products throughout the Susan Stanleys portfolio, David brings an unparalleled one-on-one service to each of his clients. Raised in Durban, KZN, David relocated to Stellenbosch, Western Cape, and dove headfirst into the world of wine obtaining his Cape Wine Academy Certificate including Wine of the World and WSET level 2.

The key to David’s success is simple: a genuine passion and infectious enthusiasm for the wine industry. David strives to build a long-lasting relationship with his clients by providing a personable approach to wine buying, and aims to surpass his client's expectations on every occasion. Customer service is of utmost importance, and constant communication is vital. He prides himself on being available whenever needed.

Jarred Vosges- Brand Ambassador

Jarred prides himself in successfully bringing our farms and their sustainable products to life through his extensive background knowledge of the winelands. He has the innate ability to understand and meet his clients’ needs and prides himself in being viewed as a trusted advisor throughout the process. Being a lover of wine, his passion for the industry ensures that he remains focused on promoting our farms quality products ethically and ensuring clients understand the true passion and dedication that has gone into each bottle purchased.

He values the importance of listening to buyers and producers intently and his outgoing personality immediately puts his clients at ease. Jarred’s decision to enter the wine industry was an easy one, having worked as a Western Cape Tour Guide his entire career, introducing our beautiful winelands to thousands of tourists. It was only natural for him to progress into a role that focused on supporting and servicing the wine industry through promotion and sales to the local South African market.

Jarred grew up in Paarl and now resides in Stellenbosch, and mentions that “the winelands have always felt like home.”

Roberto Vermeulen - Brand Ambassador

Born and raised in Stellenbosch, Roberto can trace his love for wine and agriculture all the way back to his college days. On the weekends, Roberto would visit various wine estates for fun- thus exposing him to different wine styles, varieties, and developed his palate and passion for the industry. This passion let him on to choose holiday destinations in various wine regions across the Western Cape regularly and he fell in love with the different terroirs, estates, and wine culture. Just months after graduating, Roberto joined a prestige wine estate as Tasting Room Manager. He spent a few years immersed in all this farm had to offer before moving to pursue a career with a wine distributer.

The experience and wine knowledge Roberto has acquired through working in various positions in the wine industry speaks to his level of commitment and dedication in anything he pursues. His passion for working with other people led him to previous roles in Sales, Marketing, and Client Services. Roberto has been mentored and trained by some of the top sales & agents in the industry. He sets himself apart with his dedication to his clients, his passion for wine & the industry, and his knowledge and expertise in sales and consulting. When Roberto isn’t working, you can find him raising his young son and looking after his family, exercising, exploring the wine-lands endless restaurants and wine tasting. One the nicest and politest sales rep you will find!

Guy McDonald - Brand Ambassador

All good Bios contain the word Passion, right? With a passion for communication, Guy has been a broadcaster on Commercial Radio across the Western Cape for the past 21 years whilst pursuing a passion for Wine. He started a Vlog called Via The Grapevine which has afforded him the opportunity to discover the vineyards of South Africa, the grapes they reward us with and the masters who create wine from them. His interest in wine inspired him to further his learning with a WSET Level 2 Award and he has been a Blaauwklippen Blending Awards judge for the last 6 years which has contributed to this learning. He has hosted several wine events and is an enthusiastic, outgoing individual with a considerable social media presence and a medium to large sized network.

His interest in Whisky can probably be traced back to the forefathers of his surname. Being of Scottish descent its inevitable that his passion for the dram should find an outlet in the form of a whisky partnership with renowned whisky guru Hector McBeth as 1 part of 2 Macs and A Dram.

As a Brand Ambassador he aims to create engaging content across our platforms enticing you to share your love of Susan Stanleys Fine Wines & Spirits.


Nadia Degenaar - Brand Ambassador

Nadia Degenaar has a naturally ambitious and curious nature, always needing to know the why behind absolutely everything, and this is why she pursued studies in biology and obtained an undergraduate degree, double majoring in Genetics and Physiology at Stellenbosch University. Time in this Wineland town lead to a blossoming interest in South African wine and this saw her switching her academic focus to an Honours Degree in Wine Biotechnology and ultimately her Master’s degree as well. Nadia’s thesis focused on fermentation performance and aroma production of unconventional wine yeasts, so you could say she’s a proud wine nerd.

Throughout her studies, Nadia immersed herself in the wine industry and took the opportunity to work part-time at two world-renowned wineries, namely Uva Mira and Beau Constantia. Her time in the Tasting Room at these wineries inspired a passion for communication and sharing the joy of wine. As a result, she obtained the internationally accredited WSET Level 2 certification and participated in an intensive one-year Strategic Wine Marketing course which was presented by industry professionals.

When Nadia is not studying wine, talking wine or sipping wine, she leads an active lifestyle that includes CrossFit, hiking the mountains of the Cape and exploring the natural marvels of our Province.