Alheit Hemelrand Vine Garden 2020
Alheit Hemelrand Vine Garden 2020
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    Alheit Hemelrand Vine Garden 2020

    Rarer with each passing vintage and sold mostly on allocation. This white blend is comprised of: 32% Chardonnay, 25% Roussanne, 25% Chenin, 13% Verdelho, 5% Muscat

    Hemelrand Vine Garden is a unique vineyard that produces a unique wine. The idea is to bottle the wine just as the vineyard produces it, effectively creating a white field blend that changes every year depending on the vintage conditions. This way Alheit have one place expressed by a few different grapes, changing as the season dictates.

    What can you expect?

    Hemelrand continues to fulfil its promise of excellence, showing increased depth and nuance year-on-year as the vines mature. The wine gleams in the glass, offering a lovely straw colour. The nose is exotic, showing stone fruit and talcum, lemon rind and baking spice. The wine has an absolutely towering presence on the palate, robust flavours cut though by rapier acidity. A very invigorating drink.

    Alc. 13.11%