Kaapzicht Brandy
Kaapzicht Brandy

    Kaapzicht Brandy

    R 1,500.00

    A 100 % Pure, uncolored and unflavored brandy made in the Cognac style.

    The brandy is made from 100% Colombard, picked early to preserve flavours, double distilled in the Cognac technique which maximizes flavour extraction. Thereafter the spirit is matured in old small oak casks from Limousin, Allier, Nevers, Eastern Europe and the USA. After the years of maturation, the spirit gets its golden colour and the characteristic vanilla and butterscotch flavours from the oak. Then water is added to reduce the strength to 38% alcohol, and thereafter the brandy is bottled by hand.

    What can you expect?

    Hugely complex, intense. On the nose: Layers of many different fruits are evident, dried peaches and apricots, citrus, pineapple and almond are among those readily discernable. On the palate: Very smooth, full-bodied, confirming all the notes picked up on the nose. Finish: Classic dry finish, typical of the great Cognacs. 

    Aging potential?

    Limitless. Enjoy after dinner, neat, with coffee and black chocolate.

    Bottled at 38% ABV