Nuovo Paradisetto Vino Rosso Triple A
Nuovo Paradisetto Vino Rosso Triple A
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    Nuovo Paradisetto Vino Rosso Triple A

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    Italy, Liguria. Red Wine, 12.5%, 750ml

    The Triple “A” movement brings together winemakers who work in opposition to technological vinification, which tend to blur the identity of the terroir. Twenty years after its birth, this manifesto marks a new turning point with the launch of the Nuovo Paradisetto, a project that values the entire production chain, from the vineyard to the table. Resulting from a partnership with two wineries, these two wines are bottled in an exceptional format: the emblematic Caroni bottles. The two expressions that introduce this range are just like Triple “A” wines, accessible to both newcomers and experts alike. These wines tell the story of their terroir of origin, are produced in full respect of the Triple “A” decalogue and born of the desire to make people discover authentic expressions of the Italian vineyard. Made from Alicante (60%), Canaiolo (30%) and Sangiovese (10%) grapes, this wine, elaborated by La Felce estate in the Liguria region, is both delicious and lively. Crispy and with a very pleasant acidity, its aromatic and gustatory palette unfolds throughout the tasting with a particularly fruity and juicy flavour, while enveloping the palate with its supple and silky tannins.

    Profile: Fresh and crispy.

    Nose: Generous and fleshy. Black fruits, orange, peony, liquorice notes, pepper and blackcurrant jam.

    Palate: Fresh and lively. Juicy grapes, velvety tannins, menthol, roasted notes.

    Finish: Long and silky. Herbaceous notes, cherry, raspberry, elderberry.

    Alc. 12.5%